True brilliance can be yours with ceramic & porcelain

When homeowners are looking for something truly elegant for their homes, they often turn to ceramic & porcelain tile for their floors. With these materials, your house takes on a ravishing look that not only looks great and matches nearly any decor you might already have in place, it also is set to last for decades. With a great look and a lengthy lifespan, you might consider that enough, but there’s even more than comes along with it.

Decorator’s Choice has been in business since 1989, and is completely dedicated to the service and satisfaction of our customers. This is something you'll find out for yourself though, as soon as you pay us a visit at our Hornell, NY showroom. With a large selection of flooring and related services, we can help you find exactly what you need to fit your own needs and preferences. We service the communities of Hornell, Corning, Bath, Alfred, Almond, and Canisteo, and we look forward to an opportunity to gain your business as well.

Ceramic and porcelain and their many benefits

You might think the only room that would benefit from the addition of ceramic & porcelain flooring is the bathroom. Well, it is definitely a great placement. In fact, these tiles are waterproof enough that, with the proper glaze to keep you from slipping, you can even install it inside your shower. That same water resistance also makes it a perfect solution for floors in your kitchen, foyer and laundry room as well. They also work just fine in other rooms too, such as bedrooms and living rooms. From a completely all natural look, to mosaics as intricate as you care to design them, you can have a unique floor covering with ease. Variety in color glazes, patterns, and designs also adds to the versatility in decorating ability with these materials. Ceramic & porcelain tile are one of the healthiest floor coverings in which you can invest. Not only do they keep any kind of bacteria from being able to grow, they also inhibit the growth of mildew and mold. Allergy sufferers will appreciate the fact that there are no cracks or crevices where allergens like dust and dander can hide out. Be sure to opt for the professional installation when choosing ceramic & porcelain tile. While a DIY project is tempting, it takes plenty of experience and a few specialty tools as well.

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