Carpet can work for you

Giving carpet its rightful place in the flooring industry, we can tell you that it is the only soft surface material available. That gives it a unique set of characteristics all its own. However, there’s much more to the floor covering than that, as seen in its many benefits and options. Some of the benefits have been a part of this line for as long as it has been on the market. Other benefits are much newer. If you've never had this flooring in your home, you are in a good place to experience both together.

At Decorator’s Choice, you’ll find out about our dedication to customer service and satisfaction as soon as you walk through the doors of our Hornell showroom. Having been in business since 1989, we know a thing or two about how to match homeowners with the perfect floor covering for their homes. We'll put all our experience to work for you, the same way we have for the communities of Hornell, Corning, Bath, Alfred, Almond, && Canisteo. We look forward to seeing you soon, so that we can help you find just what you need for your own floors.

The benefits and options in carpet

Always the first thing to be noticed, carpet flooring is most known for its soft underfoot feel. Making it one of the most comfortable floor coverings on the market, you'll find it a great surface throughout most of your home. Bedrooms, living areas, studies, and dens can all fare well with this material in place.

Choosing the right fiber can make a big difference in your overall experience with carpet. While a luxuriously lavish and soft fiber is always preferred, it may not make sense to install it in areas where there will be a great deal of foot traffic. In fact, if this is attempted, we can assure you that flooring will not last nearly as long as it should, becoming crushed and worn very quickly.

Another wonderful benefit of this material is that it actually provides you with more insulation, and even more so when combined with the underpadding that comes along with it. In fact, you'll realize that your furnace is not running as often, nor nearly as long, as before you installed it. This not only keeps you warmer in the winter, but can even save you money by the end of the season.

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