You can have a rustic look with waterproof flooring

You can have a rustic look with waterproof flooring

Waterproof floors offer some fantastic options if you need a great rustic look. Each offers something specific, with colors, styles, formats, and more.

No matter how many rooms you need to floor, these materials are perfect for the task. And we want to share the following facts with you as you start to shop.

What is the rustic look?

Rustic looks embody a simple style that revolves around purpose and functionality. However, this style can also lean into eclectic notions.

Waterproof materials make it easy to get a rustic look because they mimic natural floors. You'll see waterproof floors that mimic natural wood, stone, and porcelain tile for the perfect rustic look.

Rustic looks from waterproof materials

Enjoy rustic colors from these materials with muted, earthy tones. But don't forget that even elegant marble is a rustic fit.

Think about the textures you'd like to see, and then look for those rustic options in this flooring line. The practicality is that these surfaces can guard against light scratches and scuffs.

And finally, remember that layouts can mean a lot, especially for this flooring look. Consider chevron or herringbone installations for the best results.

Let us know when you find waterproof floors and a color scheme, texture, or design that captures your attention. We'll ensure you get the best of the best when you need it most.

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