Why is the flooring installation so important?

Why is the flooring installation so important?

When correctly installed, you’ll not just have a beautiful flooring installation that will make you proud, but you will avoid costly repairs and premature replacement.  Installation can enhance a product and make a budget flooring look like a premium one, but, alternately, a poor installation can make even the highest quality product have lumps, rolls, gaps, and squeaks. At Decorator's Choice, we pride ourselves on our quality, craftsman-like installations, so when you want it done right, talk to us at Decorator’s Choice, your flooring store in Hornell, NY.

Our flooring company emphasizes the importance of preparation

We first go to the site to inspect the subfloor and make any needed repairs because, even though you can't see them, they significantly impact surface floors.  Imperfections and unevenness telegraph through to the surface, and they can also create moisture issues that can result in warping. We'll be taking readings throughout the process.

Problems can also hide with some floorings, such as thick carpet.  Once removed, there might be rotted plywood or even mold that you'd otherwise not see.  Subfloor repair is one of our specialties, so you can be sure it will be well done if you need it.

Our suggestions include:

Be sure furniture is removed; some places will move the heavier pieces and ask you to handle the breakables and valuables.  Know who does what. Also, empty closets if they impact an installation and remove items from walls.  You want to do the latter for two reasons; If there’s a lot of hammering and drilling, the vibrations can cause them to fall, and you also want to keep them dust-free.

Operating for over 32 years, Decorator's Choice is your one-stop source, whether you want a top-notch flooring installation, a custom area rug, carpet re-stretch, design consultation, free estimate, or more. Our showroom is in Hornell, NY, and we service homeowners and businesses in and around  Corning, Bath, Alfred, Almond, and Canisteo.