Waterproof vs. water-resistant flooring

Waterproof vs. water-resistant flooring

Being protected from the effects of water and liquids can mean more to some homeowners than others, and waterproof floors can help with that. If you're looking for a solution for specific rooms in your home, especially if you have children or pets, you'll want to read along today's post to see the difference between water-resistant and waterproof floors.

Waterproof flooring options are extensive

Water-resistant floors offer the ability to clean up messes for up to 72 hours after a spill, humidity, or dampness becomes an issue. However, leaving these to sit for more extended periods will allow water damage to begin, which can cause much larger problems.

However, waterproof flooring options never take on water damage, which means they can withstand conditions up to and including a flood. You’ll be safe from warping, cracking, and buckling, to name a few, so all the situations that could occur will never be an issue for your flooring.

In addition to the outstanding protection, waterproof flooring options also include some of the most stunning graphics. Be sure to take a look at products that mimic natural stone, hardwood, and porcelain tile for décor-matching perfection in every room.

Consider the waterproof floors we offer

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