The Truth About the Bed-In-A-Box

Let’s talk about the reasons why the “Bed-In-A-Box” trend is diminishing. Obviously, the world has shifted gears to online shopping, but what about buying essential items online? When something is as imperative as a good night’s sleep, why would anyone take the gamble of buying a mattress from an online retailer?? Each person has their own particular level of comfort, whether you prefer a mattress that feels as if you are sleeping on a rock, or if you prefer a heavenly pile of fluff, we each have a particular preference to assure a good night’s sleep. The “Bed-In-A-Box” became quite popular overnight, but eventually people began to recognize the headache and inconvenience that comes along with online shopping. When one makes any online purchase, you rely on a picture with a description. There is no way to shop tangibly online. A description of a mattress seems rather subjective considering each person has their unique level of comfort. Say you order a mattress online, and it ships within a few days; The mattress is delivered, and you sleep on it for a few nights. You wake up tossing and turning because the mattress was not all that it was cracked up to be online. You then have to figure out how to return the mattress and search for another model online, sleep on the floor, couch or a blow-up mattress for the time being until the new one arrives, and pray that it is to your liking. Buying the Bed-In-A-Box is basically playing trial and error until you find one comfortable enough to sleep on. This is the exact reason why that fad of Bed-In-A-Box is coming to an end. When you shop at local retailers, you are able to test out a variety of models from the softest of soft, to an extra firm. Decorator’s Choice in Hornell offers 12-13 different floor models of Restonic mattresses with warranties, delivery and set up. Why would anyone give up hassle free shopping to buy online?! Test the mattresses out, take a little nap, and kick back knowing that your old mattress will be hauled away and your new, comfortable mattress will be delivered along with the guarantee of a good night’s sleep for many nights to come!