Past Forward: Interior Design Trends of 2023 & Possibly What to Expect in 2024

Past Forward: Interior Design Trends of 2023 & Possibly What to Expect in 2024

Millennials are taking the design industry by storm: From Textiles, Décor, Flooring, Paint (& Colors), Furniture and Architecture to Greenery; Every factor is each as impactful as the next.  Millennials and Gen Z have made significant contributions to the ever-changing trends & established aesthetics within modern-day design and fashion.

 /esˈTHedik / adjective

The interest in and/or the appreciation of beauty.


Principals that contribute to a particular artist or art movement.

In 2023, we saw the word ‘aesthetic’ everywhere in design, especially on social media platforms. If your living space, workplace or personal appearance didn’t suggest a particular aesthetic, well, then you’re assumed to either be within a particularly older age group, or you’re a person who doesn’t have a desirable vibe (AKA- Bland is Better).

  /vīb/ Noun

One’s emotional state or a particular atmosphere that coincides with a person’s (or group of people’s) feelings and perspectives (juxtaposed with style).

In design, a vibe and an aesthetic can go hand-in-hand and can also technically be used interchangeably. This year, we saw a trend that lacked color, but certainly did not lack a vibe. Neutral colors and Earth tones dominated 2023, and not just in interior design and decorating, but in fashion as well. From my personal observation of TikTok trends and Instagram Reels, I’ve gathered that “us” younger generations (that’s right, 32 is still considered to be young if you ask me) have integrated their fashion with their living space to complete their overall personal aesthetic (or vibe). One of the most popular combinations I’ve seen in fashion and interior design is the nature-inspired, neutral- loving with subtle pops of color, mid-century modernist. What a mouth-full! The simplicity of neutral colors has dominated the design industry because of its connection to being “earthly”. As much as I dislike celebrity news, I will say, I believe Kanye West reignited the love for neutral colors in fashion back when he released his clothing line (circa 2015) which recently trickled its way into interior design. As a Benjamin Moore Retailer and Color Expert, I can confirm that the top colors that have reigned supreme for the last few years have been: Revere Pewter HC-172, Edgecomb Gray HC-173, White Dove OC-17 and Simply White OC-117. Benjamin Moore announced the color ‘Simply White’ as Color of the Year in 2016 (I cannot believe it has been 7 years!!), and it has been a top contender for trim, ceilings and cabinets ever since. I expect Benjamin Moore’s and Sherwin Williams Off-White Collections to remain at the top of the list for 2024 design trends as I don’t see the neutrals and creamy off-whites going anywhere anytime soon.

The nature-inspired style is most popular because of its direct relation to being environmentally friendly, incorporating recycled materials and sustainability. The importance of being an eco-friendly individual has inspired so many fashion designers and design trends, everything from particular eco-friendly fabrics being used to the kitchen essentials (like the world’s first smart waste electric Kitchen composter). As much as I dislike corporations, I try to keep in mind that Amazon is made up of hundreds of thousands of small businesses, many of which have contributed to this particular go-green, eco-friendly lifestyle. Another word that we’ve seen repetitively in 2023: Lifestyle. Lifestyle, like vibe and aesthetic, have all been juxtaposed into this world of fashion and design. As a millennial myself, I’ve noticed that the go-green “lifestyle” is directly correlated with one’s aesthetic and overall vibe that you feel when you enter the living quarters of the average millennial or gen z.

Greenery has been absolutely essential in decorating in 2023. Both artificial and live plants have been used in every aspect of decorating this year; From large floor plants, like Cactus, Monstera Plants and Giant Leaf Elephant Ear Plants, to simple succulents scattered around office and living spaces, the simplicity of adding a bit of greenery has had impacts on both achieving a desired aesthetic and improving health benefits, offering a sense of relaxation as it gives us a connection to mother nature. It’s also a great way to achieve a calming atmosphere within a stressful time. With the cost of living skyrocketing the last two years, we’ve all felt the tumultuous financial stressors and the demands of making more money; Whether that means working an extra job or making some sort of passive income to help secure you children’s future education, we are currently experiencing 2008 financial disasters. Not to mention the simple fact that the housing market was extremely volatile this last year, making it near impossible to buy a home at an affordable price. Who knew that adding something as simple as a few house plants and a garden could help you to relax, unwind and disconnect for just a moment from the crazy demands of life in 2023?

We then follow the trend of “mid-century modern”: (MCM) in 2023. Throughout time, “modern” was a style that had been used to describe sleek lines, monochromatic color palettes, natural lighting, and particular combinations of glass and different species of woods used in furniture, architecture and home decor. That being said, where does the “mid-century” aspect come from? “Mid-century” refers to a time period post WWII when a design movement in architecture, product design and urban development was popular circa 1945-1969. When combined, we see the past being revived with some alterations. As my mother always says, “What once was old is new again.” We see a lot of the younger generations bringing the words ‘retro’ and ‘vintage’ back. Both of these style descriptions were brought back to life with the “Mid-Century Modern” revamp movement in 2023.

As a decorator and designer, my predictions for 2024’s design trends are as follows: Greenery will remain a top element of decorating. The off-whites will never go out of style as they are considered to be timeless to most. Neutrals will still remain strong; However, more pops of bold colors will be making their way into decorating: I see lots of royal blue, terracotta red and emerald green in the near future. The Eco-friendly, sustainable textiles, electronics and task-hacker devices will continue to emerge through design, decorating and fashion as this seems to be a mission statement for the millennials and gen Zer’s. I believe the mid-century modern style will remain to be seen here and there, but I think a large design movement is about to re-emerge this next year: I think we will start to see more full and bubbly furniture, rounded corners and chunky accessories all in solid colors. Once again, I think patterns will be less dominate, and we will continue to see solid colors. Accent walls will not be created with paint colors, but rather with wood accents, like fluting. And of course, I think Eucalyptus will continue to be the most popular plant accent (whether you’re hanging Eucalyptus on your shower head, or using a piece or two in an off-white, chunky vase). I’m excited to see if my predictions will hold for 2024!

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