Waterproof flooring: Worth it?

So many people come into the business inquiring about waterproof flooring. The common question is, “Is waterproof flooring all it’s cracked up to be, or is it overrated?” I can tell you first hand, as a homeowner who has spent a considerable amount of time trying to find the appropriate flooring for heavy duty traffic, the wear and tear from pets, and the possibilities of leaks, spills and messy husbands, waterproof flooring is the go-to for any homeowner with these valid concerns. Decorator’s Choice of Hornell has worked with many sales reps in finding the perfect waterproof, vinyl plank and tile flooring for all our customers’ needs. From Mohawk Industries to the well-known, Pergo, these companies have poured their energy into research and development to not only provide the consumer with a waterproof flooring, but a flooring that will withstand heavy traffic, that is easy maintenance and that is scratch resistant.

All that being said, you as the consumer need to make sure you are looking for quality and the most bang for your buck when shopping for a waterproof flooring. So often we run into the issue of a customer coming into the business complaining about their waterproof flooring that they bought from a big box store not living up to their standards. I did a little research of my own, and not to my surprise, I found that a majority of these “waterproof” floorings that the big box stores sell are manufactured in China. If you are paying less than a dollar per square foot for your so-called “waterproof” flooring, you should be aware as to why the flooring seems so cheap. While these materials may seem to be waterproof, there are a plethora of other issues you may need to take into consideration. What may these be, you ask? For starters, the wear-layer of the flooring may be extremely thin and weak. You may notice that the layer of the vinyl design may actually start to peel up on the corners. If the waterproof flooring is “floating,” meaning a locking mechanism that doesn’t require glue for installation, you may notice that the locking system is weak which means the tabs will break easily during installation. If the flooring is a glue down, you may notice that if the temperature falls below a certain degree, the flooring itself will separate. These are all things that consumers need to be aware of when purchasing any sort of vinyl flooring. From one waterproof flooring consumer to another, my suggestion to you is to find a retailer who not only has product knowledge (meaning they didn’t work in the gardening department last week), but who sells a flooring they feel confident in selling to the consumer. Believe it or not, you do pay for quality. You do not have to fork over an arm and a leg, but if the flooring seems to be priced at a questionable low price, it is probably for a reason. Decorator’s Choice in Hornell, NY can assist you in finding the appropriate flooring for all your needs. Not only are we cost efficient, we can assist you in all your home improvements without you having to worry about your flooring failing to meet your standards.