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Design consultation


Why have a design consultation?

It's not unusual for one change to lead to another; for example, you might be shopping for a new kitchen floor and decide to upgrade the counters or possibly even create a focal point. If you're getting a hardwood floor for your living room, you need to think about coordinating and balancing with the other furniture and find ways to accent and highlight those gorgeous undertones. The floor is a significant part of your interior design plan, and a professional design consultation will enable you to achieve your goals successfully.

What does a design consultant do?

The professional designers at Decorators Choice, your full-service flooring company in Hornell, NY, will help you transform your vision into reality, implement your plan, and will keep you organized, on track, on budget, and on time. With our assistance, you'll coordinate, accent and highlight and will also go over, in great detail, some of the necessary documents. One of them is the flooring estimate, an important form that will enable you to understand what is covered.



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What should I expect?

There will be many questions asked because the more the designer knows, the better you can be guided. Some of the questions you will be asked will be about lifestyles, such as whether you have kids, pets, or senior residents; if the room in which it's to be installed is small or large, sunny or dark; and what you like and didn't like about your present flooring. This, however, is also your time to ask questions, whether it's about upkeep and maintenance, color, pattern, or style.

What should I bring?

Paint chips, fabric samples, and ideas from both design pages and online pictorials like Pinterest will be helpful. If you've created one, a vision board will enable the designer to understand your goal truly. It would be best to ask about sample borrowing procedures as it's essential to see them in your surroundings and your lighting.

At Decorators Choice, we know how exciting and, at the same time, difficult it can be to find just the right flooring for your home or business, which is why the design consultation is so important. Explore our website's beautiful flooring gallery and then visit our showroom in Hornell, NY for a free quote, especially if you're a home or business in and around Hornell, Corning, Bath, Alfred, Almond, or Canisteo.