I had the opportunity to take an online course about incorporating stress-reducing fractals into your space to provide a sense of serenity. Fractal patterns are very intricate and can be found in nature, but designers have learned how to duplicate these patterns via computer generation. Mohawk flooring worked with designers to implement fractal patterns into their flooring designs to provide consumers a space of tranquility while also being aesthetically pleasing.

Decorator’s Choice in Hornell, NY offers a broad selection of Mohawk flooring including waterproof vinyl planks, a hybrid (waterproof) laminate, unique species of hardwoods and carpet tiles that have all been specifically designed with fractal patterns that will leave you feeling at peace. Being an interior decorator, I was curious as to how these fractal patterns would fit a variety of style preferences like traditional, bohemian, minimalistic, modern, etc. Personally, I prefer a simplistic style for my home, with clean, sleek lines and simple colors. My first question was will these patterns take away from the Scandinavian look I was going for. I have found that these intriguing, calming patterns can be incorporated into any style you are looking to achieve. At Decorator’s Choice, we encourage our customers to take samples home to assist the customer with an overall visual.

Let’s face it, with the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more employees are opting to work from home. I have found that many people are looking to renovate their home offices to give them a sense of a commercial environment while still enjoying the privilege of the comfort of working from home. With Mohawk’s relaxing patterned carpets, laminates and hardwoods, you can not only spruce up your home office while attaining a corporate office vibe, but essentially, you can find a sense of serenity and tranquility which helps your overall focus and motivation to meet your monthly targets!